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Why is bridal makeup more expensive than the party makeup?

Why is bridal makeup more expensive than the party makeup?
"Why is bridal makeup more expensive than the party makeup?" It is a common question that comes to your mind when you are looking around for your wedding makeup service, and to be honest; it is a fair question. In this blog article, we will try to demystify some of the costs associated with the bridal makeup.
The main difference between the bridal and party makeup is that the former takes much longer to apply and is an entirely bespoke service. Even if the makeup look is simple that can be achieved quickly; usually, the makeup artist would still spend more time on the bride making sure everything is perfect. In essence, you don't want to rush this process and carefully select each product so that the bridal makeup not only looks fabulous but stays fabulous all day.

Party Bookings

Party bookings are very straight forward and require minimal planning and preparation. A client would typically enquire about the artists' availability and ask for a quotation. If the artist is available, and the client is happy to proceed, then the booking is confirmed upon deposit payment. The artist would turn up on the day at the specified location and ask the client about the desired look. The client would briefly describe the look and perhaps show some inspirational images, and the artist would then deliver the makeup and leave. A party makeup only booking would generally last around 30min- 45min.

Bridal Bookings

Bridal bookings, however, are an altogether different ball game. It is a huge day for any bride, and so everything has to be perfect! That is why artists spend more time with bridal clients than they would with a client who books for a special occasion makeup. Why? Because you have one shot on the day to blow everyone away with a stunning bridal look! Hence, bridal makeup involves a significant amount of planning and preparation to make everything perfect for the big day.

Bespoke Service

As with any business, sometimes you pay extra for a special service. A bridal makeover is an extra special service. The makeup artist would need more information more about the outfit, the details, the embellishments, the style, the fabric, the way it flows. Only after considering the finer details will an artist create a bespoke look which will enhance and not overpower the outfit! It inevitably means that the bridal makeup is unique to the bride. It compliments her face and eye shape and most importantly, her dress and wedding.
A good makeup artist will keep your wedding ceremony, outfit and theme in mind, pick products that work for your skin type and make sure the makeup lasts throughout, without any need for touch-ups. Things like mascara, eyeliner and kohl will all need to be waterproof. As a bridal makeup artist, you don't just create makeup which looks good in person; you design a look which looks good in person, on video and camera in lots of different lighting conditions.


The price charged has to reflect time spent with the bride, such as emails, texts, phone calls and anything else. A makeup artist spends a lot more time communicating with a bride in the run-up to the wedding. And it is important that your artist has excellent communication with you and is available to discuss any questions or concerns and be able to make you feel at ease. On average, between the first enquiry and the big day, 30-40 emails or text messages are exchanged between the bride and the artist. Compare this to one or two phone calls/emails for a party or a special occasion booking!


Another vital element of a bridal booking is the trial run. Most artists don't offer a trial for the party bookings whereas almost all artists would accommodate a request for a trial from the bride. Even if the bride does not want to book a trial, the artists would still offer a detailed phone/video consultation to discuss all her requirements.
At the trial appointment, the artist will discuss everything in detail with you and take notes. They will be able to assess your skin, any allergies or concerns, face and eye shape and give you skincare advice to help prep your skin in advance of your wedding. They will ask you to show images of hair, and makeup looks that you like. The artist will then create the look based on your suggestions and their interpretation of your desired look. You will also have the chance to tweak things as per your desire: try a different lip colour or more blusher etc. Once you are happy with the final look, the artist will take pictures and make final notes for you.


Another considerable difference between party booking and bridal booking is the contract. Every bride receives a contract which agrees on the details of the wedding and is a legally binding document. Now, that's not to say because party makeup clients don't have a contract, artists won't turn up, of course, they would, they are professional. But having a contract guarantees this, which for a bride on a wedding day, is super important. It applies to any supplier delivering a service on the day.
I hope this blog gives some insight as to why there is a difference in price when it comes to bridal makeup, and hopefully, you can see more about what goes into planning a wedding from a makeup artist's perspective.

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