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Professional 5 Day Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup Training Course Media 4 of 11
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Professional 5 Day Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup Training Course

£1,400.00 Regular price £2,000.00
  • Course Type: 1-2-1 (In Person)

  • Duration: 5 Days (11am - 6pm)

  • Tutor: Annie Shah

  • No of Students: 1

  • Location: Annie Shah Studio, High Wycombe 

  • Dates: Before or after buying the course email us at info@ or call at 07868842450 to arrange suitable dates for you. We can split the course to offer more flexiblity to you.


I'm thrilled to unveil this exclusive 5-day course, designed to transform you into a sought-after Asian bridal hair & makeup artist. Imagine mastering the art of creating breathtaking looks, empowering brides on their most special day. This isn't just a course; it's a transformative journey guided by me, your personal mentor.

Picture this:


    • Day 1 & 2: Learn my flawless makeup base application secrets, master expert contouring & highlighting, and unlock the artistry of eyeshadow & false lashes. We'll cover makeup for wedding, reception, registry, mehendi & sangeet events!


    • Day 3 & 4: Dive into the world of Asian bridal hair. From perfect backcombing & volume boosting to romantic curls & intricate braids, you'll conquer every style. We'll also delve into updos, mastering both soft elegance and glamorous statement pieces.


    • Day 5: The grand finale! Witness my professional approach firsthand as you assist me on a live bridal booking. Observe, learn, and gain hands-on experience under my direct guidance. Receive personalised feedback and mentorship, solidifying your newfound skills.


But it's not just about techniques. You'll learn the art of client consultation, business basics for success, and how to leverage social media to build your brand. Plus, you'll gain access to exclusive downloadable resources and join a supportive community of passionate learners.

This is an investment in your future. Become the artist brides dream of, command confidence with your skills, and build a fulfilling career you love. 

Here's what sets this course apart:


    • 1-on-1 personalised instruction from me, Annie Shah


    • Extensive hands-on practice 


    • In-depth learning of both hair AND makeup techniques


    • Real-world experience on a live bridal booking


    • Certificate of completion upon successful course completion


Remember, this is more than just learning skills; it's about joining a legacy. Under my guidance, you'll develop the confidence and expertise to create lasting memories for brides on their most cherished day. Are you ready to answer the call? Book your spot today and embark on your transformative journey!

Master the Art of Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup: 5-Day Course Syllabus


Look 1: Party/Registry Makeup

Start a creative journey with us as we explore the world of party and registry-style makeup. Drawing from my extensive experience in numerous weddings, red-carpet events, and fashion campaigns, I'll share insider tips on crafting bold yet wearable looks that suit the lively atmosphere of weddings and special occasions. Discover techniques that make sure the makeup lasts long and looks graceful. This ensures clients of all backgrounds and skin types exude elegance during the important moments of their special day.

Look 2: Mehndi/Sangeet Makeup

Discover the lively realm of Mehndi/Sangeet makeup, blending cultural richness with a modern touch. Using my experience with many clients, I'll show you how to use colours and intricate details to reflect the joyful atmosphere of pre-wedding celebrations.


Look 3: Asian Wedding Makeup (Soft Glam)

Explore the beautiful realm of Asian wedding makeup, concentrating on a gentle and elegant style. With my experience in dealing with different skin types and face shapes, I'll help you bring out the natural beauty and design enchanting looks suitable for the peaceful moments of the wedding ceremony.

Look 4: Asian Wedding Makeup (Full Glam)

Begin an exciting adventure into the world of luxurious Asian wedding makeup. Learn from my work and that of other artists in bridal campaigns, and discover advanced techniques in contouring, highlighting, and intricate detailing. With this, you can create a stunning and glamorous bridal look that will truly capture attention. Finish the course by becoming an expert in reception makeup. Learn how to make bold and stylish choices that will make brides stand out at their post-wedding celebrations. Discover techniques to make brides look glamorous and elegant on the most special day of their lives.

What Skills You Will Learn:

1. Advanced Contouring Techniques
2. Precision Highlighting
3. Colour Correcting for Perfection
4. Concealing Techniques
5. Eyeshadow Application Mastery
6. Lip Artistry
7. Long-lasting Formulas
8. Mastering Eyelash Application
9. Exclusive Tips for Bridal Glamour

    • Bridal Hair Essentials: Understand the unique aspects of Asian hair and bridal hairstyling etiquette.
    • Product Knowledge: Demystify essential styling products and tools for optimal results.
    • Hairstyling Foundations: Master the art of perfect hair setting, sectioning, and pinning techniques. How to use Hair extensions.
    • Texture Transformation: Learn innovative techniques to manage and enhance various hair textures.
    • The Art of Backcombing: Unlock the secrets of creating voluminous and long-lasting hairstyles.
    • Down-Do Delights: Explore a variety of glamorous and playful down-dos, from classic waves to chic waterfall braids.
    • Half-Up, Half-Wow: Master the art of versatile half-up styles that suit diverse face shapes and preferences.
    • Creating Romantic Curls: Learn different curling techniques to achieve bouncy, long-lasting curls for bridesmaids and guests. 
    • Wrap-Up: Q&A session and practice time to solidify your newly acquired skills.

    • Updo Fundamentals: Master the foundation for creating captivating and secure updos.
    • Soft & Elegant Updos: Design romantic and sophisticated updos suitable for ceremonies and pre-wedding functions.
    • Braided Beauty: Learn intricate braiding techniques to incorporate into stunning updos.
    • Glamorous Updos: Elevate your skills with sophisticated updos featuring intricate details and statement accessories.
    • Bridal Accessory Magic: Discover the art of seamlessly integrating hair accessories for a cohesive look.
    • Real-World Scenarios: Master effective communication and consultation techniques for handling diverse client preferences and expectations.
    • Business Basics for Bridal Hairstylists: Learn essential steps to set up your business, manage social media presence, and attract clients.
    • The Art of Negotiation & Pricing: Develop strategies for confident client communication and setting competitive yet value-driven pricing.
    • Social Media Marketing Masterclass: Learn how to leverage social media platforms to showcase your work,build your brand, and attract dream clients.
    • Course Completion & Next Steps: Celebrate your achievements, receive feedback, and discuss how to continue your journey as a successful bridal hairstylist.


Day 5 of this course catapults you into the real world, placing you alongside me, Annie Shah, on a live bridal booking. Witness firsthand the magic unfold as I transform a bride, absorbing my professional techniques like a sponge. This isn't passive observation; you'll actively assist me, gaining hands-on experience under my direct guidance. Imagine the confidence boost as you observe, learn, and even lend a helping hand, all while receiving personalised feedback and mentorship. It's the ultimate confidence booster, solidifying your skills and preparing you to launch your own successful career. Day 5 isn't just a bonus - it's the missing puzzle piece, transforming you from student to sought-after bridal beauty expert, ready to make dreams come true.

Read this for more in-depth insight into our training course.

Ready to embark on your journey to becoming a sought-after bridal hairstylist? Enroll in this transformative course and unlock your true creative potential!

Professional 5 Day Asian Bridal Hair & Makeup Training Course

£1,400.00 Regular price £2,000.00