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Hair & Makeup Training Courses

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Self Grooming Makeup Class (In Person)

We're thrilled to introduce our exclusive Self Grooming Makeup Class tailored for ladies who are eager to master the art of doing their own makeup. Whether you're a bride-to-be, a newlywed gearing up for special occasions, a professional aiming to make a statement at events and meetings, or a dedicated housewife wanting to refine your self-makeup skills, this class is designed just for you!

1-1 Makeup Training Class

Self Grooming (In Person)

Cost: £300
Duration: Half Day
Date: Mutually Agreed
Tutor: Annie Shah
No of Students: 1
Location: Annie Shah Makeup Studio, High Wycombe

Our Self Grooming Makeup Class is all about you! I will make sure you learn exactly what you want, creating a personalised beauty experience just for you. Mastering the art of Self Grooming saves you money in the long run. By learning to do your own makeup, you eliminate the need for frequent makeup artist appointments, keeping your beauty routine cost-effective.

Being your own makeup artist means you can get ready faster, especially during busy mornings or last-minute plans. No more waiting for appointments or rushing to the salon – you're in control of your beauty timeline. Self-grooming is not just about makeup; it's about empowerment. Taking control of your beauty routine instils a sense of independence and self-reliance, fostering a positive self-image.

So here's the deal: I demo on one side of your face, and then you dive in on the other side step by step. It's all about hands-on learning – you do it yourself and soak it all in. Plus, you get to check out all the cool stuff in my makeup kit, jot down notes on the products, and also take pictures and make videos for future reference. Learning to apply makeup on yourself has never been this fun and practical!

Here are some of the UNIQUE features of our Self Grooming class.

Made Just for You: 

We know everyone likes different things. Our class lets you pick what you want to learn. Whether it's focusing on makeup for the day, looking glam in the evening, getting that perfect glowing skin, or nailing the smokey eye look, you get to decide what suits you best. I will be with you every step of the way guiding you to create the right look.

Day to Evening Looks: 

In this class, you get to practice two key looks: one for the daytime and another for the evening. I show you tricks to make your face look fresh and radiant during the day with subtle colours. Then, for the evening, I will teach you how to use bold colours and do glam makeup to look amazing for special events. With my help, you won't just copy the steps, but you'll understand how to make these looks fit your style and make you feel awesome!

Achieving a flawless foundation is the cornerstone of any makeup look. Our class provides in-depth guidance on choosing the right foundation for your skin type, application techniques, and tips to ensure a seamless finish.

Contour & Highlight: 

Learn the secrets of flawless contouring and highlighting with ease. We understand that many find it tricky, so our class ensures you grasp the techniques correctly.

False Eyelashes: 

Learn the delicate skill of false eyelash application. With hands-on guidance, you'll master the technique, making false lashes a seamless addition to your beauty regime.

Beauty Secrets: 

I am committed to sharing industry secrets that will elevate your makeup game. Learn the tricks of the trade, from the artist herself.

Feel free to bring Your Makeup: 

We encourage you to bring your own makeup products and brushes to class. I will personally examine your products and offer advice on their suitability for your unique needs.

We provide all Makeup & Brushes: 

While you're welcome to bring your own supplies, we provide all top-quality makeup products and brushes needed for the class.

Guidance to build your Personal Makeup Kit: 

Not sure what makeup products to invest in? No worries! I will guide you on building your essential personal makeup kit, helping you make informed decisions when choosing products that suit your style and preferences.

By enrolling in our Self Grooming Makeup Class, you're not just learning about makeup – you're crafting a personalised journey that caters to your aspirations and preferences. Join us and discover the joy of expressing your unique beauty through the art of makeup!

Meet Fatima

Self Grooming Class Student

Meet Fatima, who initially experienced the magic of makeup as a radiant bride under the skillful hands of Annie Shah. Inspired by the transformative artistry, Fatima decided to join Annie's Self-Grooming Makeup Class. Throughout the learning journey, she was genuinely inspired, discovering the secrets behind creating a natural daytime look and mastering the alluring evening smokey eye technique. Annie's guidance not only enhanced Fatima's skills but also sparked her passion for self-expression through makeup. From being a delighted bride to becoming a confident makeup enthusiast, Fatima's story highlights the impactful journey of learning from a skilled artist like Annie Shah.