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The Ultimate Guide to Indian & Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends 2024

Ultimate Guide to Indian & Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends 2021


If you are getting married in 2024, you must wonder about the makeup do's and don'ts! Not to worry - we have put together an ultimate guide that will cover some of the recent most popular Asian bridal makeup styles and unravel the trends taking place in 2024. There has been a slow but steady shift in the world of South Asian bridal makeup, and natural glam seems to be making a come back. The last few years saw brides gradually moving away from Kardashian style contour, in-your-face highlighter, drawn-in brows, solid matte lips and super glittery eyeshadows.


Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, traditions, and most importantly, celebrating your love story. As a bride-to-be, amidst the excitement, one element takes centre stage - your bridal look. From the exquisite lehenga to the delicate jewellery, every detail contributes to creating a timeless memory. And in this symphony of beauty, your makeup plays a pivotal role in enhancing your natural radiance and expressing your unique style.

This guide delves into the captivating world of Indian and Pakistani bridal makeup trends for 2024, drawing inspiration from real-life celebrity weddings and offering expert insights to help you find your perfect look. So, grab your favourite beverage, settle in, and embark on a journey to discover the makeup magic that awaits!

2024 is all about celebrating your natural beauty as a bride, letting your inner light shine through! And what better way to do that than accentuate your stunning eyes? South Asian brides are known for their captivating eyes, and 2024 trends encourage you to flaunt them with confidence.

Think of smokey eyes that smoulder with a touch of mystery, or a classic flicked eyeliner that adds a touch of timeless elegance. Don't forget the magic of false eyelashes that perfectly complement your eye shape, adding a touch of drama and definition. Remember, it's all about enhancing your natural features, not hiding them.


For inspiration, look no further than the dazzling world of Bollywood! These iconic actresses have always been trendsetters, and their wedding looks have captivated audiences for years. Whether it's their breathtaking outfits or their flawlessly executed makeup, there's something truly magical about a Bollywood diva's wedding look.

Guide to Indian & Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends



Bollywood divas who got married in the last few years embraced a bit more natural but striking makeup look. Stars such as Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, Anushka SharmaNeha DhupiaDiya Mirza are glaring examples of this 'less is more' trend. This trend prioritises skincare, encouraging brides to invest in a consistent routine that promotes a healthy, radiant complexion. Remember, flawless skin serves as the perfect canvas for your makeup artistry.


Alia Bhatt

Let's start with the biggest and the most anticipated Bollywood wedding of the decade - Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor's nuptials. When the celebrity power couple finally tied the knot at Kapoor's family home in Mumbai, their outfits and Alia Bhatt's wedding makeup and styling seemed perfect for an intimate at-home wedding. The ivory colour tones of the couple's Sabyasachi outfits complimented the organic, farmhouse theme (complete with Bhatt's choice of sporting hair-down do and fresh jasmine garlands) and décor vibes. Alia Bhatt's wedding makeup look (with visible freckles) relied heavily on hydrated skin and minimal foundation and concealer only where necessary. The heavy matha patti added just enough understated luxe to the bohemian hairdo.



Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif's nuptials with Vicky Kaushal was another trendsetting wedding that broke the internet in Dec 2021. While everyone was charmed by Katrina's traditional red lehenga by Sabyasachi  — it was her minimal makeup with a natural glow that caught our eye. Katrina Kaif's bridal makeup look was fresh and minimal — Katrina sported nude lips and kohl-laden eyes. The makeup complemented her heavy red bridal lehenga & traditional jewellery and was perfect for a daytime event.


Guide to Indian & Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends 2023

Katrina Kaif's minimal makeup was a refreshing change in a world of brides who opt for heavily done up eyes and heaps of highlighter on their big day. And like they say, the devil is in the details — the tiny red bindi Katrina sported added a pop of colour to her minimal makeup.  Katrina looked every inch a royal Punjabi bride in a red bridal lehenga which featured a blouse with an iconic Sabya-style plunging neckline!

Whilst Katrina's wedding look was phenomenal; we couldn't help swoon over her pre-wedding photoshoot look, for which she wanted to pay homage to her mother's British roots. This Sabyasachi saree for this event was conceptualised keeping vintage-inspired couture in mind, with the saree featuring a silhouette like that of a wedding dress. The tulle number featured hand-embroidered flowers and was topped off with a matching veil that acted as a floor-sweeping train. The actress again opted for neutral makeup with a wash of subtle eyeshadow and a soft pink pout. 

katrina kaif saree wedding

katrina kaif sabyasachi saree dress wedding 

Anushka Sharma

We all remember Anushka Sharma's blush pink Sabyasachi ensemble adorned with floral embroidery and her wow entrance in fresh makeup and flowers around the bridal bun. This look found a place of pride on bridal mood boards everywhere for the next few years, and to be honest; it still is very popular. 


bridal make up trends for indian and pakistani brides anushka sharma 

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli created a storm online with their grand wedding in Italy few years ago. Bollywood beauty Anushka looked breathtaking in the Sabyasachi bridal outfits and gave us a lot of make-up trends to try. Anushka brought back the trend of a floral bun hairstyle. From roses to white and pink peonies, she clearly set a bridal hair trend for brides in the years to come.



Soft looks are certainly not everyone's cup of tea. Besides dewy skin, one type of bridal makeup surpassing all expectations is dark kohl eyes. A beautiful combination of sultry eyes with loads of glitter fits every wedding function. The Bollywood divas that supported more of a glam bridal look on their big day include Deepika PadukoneSonam KapoorPriyanka Chopra.

Deepika Padukone

The allure of smokey eyes remains a constant favourite for South Asian brides. Deepika Padukone's wedding to Ranveer Singh in 2018 showcased this timeless look with a modern twist. Her makeup artist used a blend of brown and copper shades to create a soft, smokey effect, complementing her traditional red lehenga. However, 2024 encourages brides to experiment with variations. Opt for deeper, earthy tones like burgundy or charcoal for a dramatic effect, or embrace softer browns and taupes for a more romantic feel. Remember, the key is to find shades that flatter your eye colour and complement your overall bridal ensemble.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor's wedding look in 2018 was a picture of timeless elegance with a touch of playful charm. Her makeup artist, Namrata Soni, opted for a dewy, luminous foundation that accentuated her naturally flawless complexion. Soft, rose-hued blush added a touch of youthful colour, while her brows were kept natural and slightly filled in for a delicate, defined look. The star of the show, however, were her eyes. A subtle smokey eye in warm brown and gold tones created a captivating depth, while a touch of shimmer on the inner corners added a touch of ethereal glow. To complete the look, a soft pink lipstick perfectly complemented the overall soft and romantic aesthetic. 

Guide to Indian & Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends sonam kapoor bridal makeup

Sonam kapoor sangeet makeup

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra's wedding to Nick Jonas was not merely a union of two souls but also a splendid fusion of cultures, mirrored exquisitely in her bridal makeup and appearance. For her Hindu wedding ceremony, Priyanka opted for a makeup style that was both traditional and modern, making a striking statement with her vivid red lip, which perfectly complemented the detailed red lehenga she wore. Her eyes were adorned with a golden shimmer, enhanced by a subtle smoky effect, capturing the quintessence of traditional Indian bridal beauty whilst showcasing a modern elegance. The highlighter on her cheeks brought a radiant glow to her visage, embodying the happiness and excitement of her special day. This look, carefully curated, symbolised the integration of her Indian heritage with the global sensibilities she represents. Her wedding became a source of inspiration for many, illustrating that at the core of bridal beauty is the expression of one's personal story and cultural identity, all the while embracing a global aesthetic.


Ultimate Guide to Indian & Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends




Pakistani brides have always been known for their captivating wedding looks, and in the last few years, Pakistani celebrities have set trends that have resonated far beyond their lavish ceremonies, especially in the realm of bridal makeup, blending traditional aesthetics with contemporary flair.

Aiman Khan

Take, for instance, the wedding of Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt, which was a spectacle of love and elegance. Aiman's makeup was a masterclass in bridal beauty, perfectly balancing glamour with grace. Her look for the big day was defined by soft, dewy skin that glowed with happiness, a classic smoky eye that added depth and drama, and a deep lip that whispered romance. It was a look that celebrated traditional Pakistani bridal makeup while infusing it with a modern touch, inspiring brides to aim for a makeup that complements their natural beauty while making a statement. 

Iqra Aziz

Similarly, in 2019 the wedding of Iqra Aziz offered a fresh perspective on bridal makeup, emphasising the beauty of simplicity and the charm of personal style. Iqra's makeup was a reflection of her vibrant personality, featuring a glowing base that highlighted her natural beauty, soft gold eye makeup that allowed her eyes to sparkle with joy, and a peachy-nude lip that added just the right touch of colour. This approach to bridal makeup, focusing on enhancing rather than transforming, has encouraged a wave of brides to embrace their individuality on their wedding day.

Fast forward to 2021, and we see similar choices with Sarah Khan's wedding makeup. Her eyes were adorned with classic, soft smoky makeup, enhanced with just the right touch of shimmer to make them stand out, and her lips were painted in a delicate shade of pink, adding a whisper of colour that was both refined and romantic.


Let's take a look at some of the current popular trends in the Asian Bridal makeup arena... 

Dewy Skin

While heavy contouring will take a back seat this year, the trend in brides opting for dewy makeup for their wedding day will see a definite rise. Liquid highlighters mixed with foundations are the best ways to achieve a more subtle and natural glow. The most crucial thing to achieve this smooth and dewy skin is to have a healthy, rejuvenated, flawless and luminous complexion to begin with. Therefore, brides, you're going to need to put in some extra work in the run-up to the big day to make sure your skin is looking its very best. You can hire the best makeup artist on the planet for your wedding, but the real game changer is the pre-wedding skincare routine, as makeup goes on like a dream when the skin underneath is well-hydrated and supple. While high-end luxury facials can help you take care of a host of skin issues such as pigmentation, skin congestion and acne, something as simple as cleansing, moisturising, and sunscreen is what can make or break your skin. 


Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif both seem to be carrying this dewy look with effortless ease thanks to their gorgeous skin! So if you opt for this kind of uber natural dewy look then you have to have great skin to allow the makeup artist a clean canvas to work with. And if your skin is not at its best for whatever reason then this kind of look may not be for you as there are ways to bring your features out whilst giving skin the coverage that it needs to look flawless. 


Defined Brows & Soft Lips

When your overall makeup is toned down, it's essential to define specific features that subtly enhance your beauty. Brows are one such feature that can make or break the entire makeup look. While crazy Instagram brows are becoming less popular, a well-defined eyebrow does not seem to go out of vogue anytime soon. Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz looked effortlessly radiant on her wedding day in bronzy gold eyes with a thin flicked eyeliner, beautifully defined brows and a nude pink pout.


Ultimate Guide to Indian & Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends


Flushed Cheeks & Stained Lips

Pakistan's iconic star Hamza Ali Abbasi's wife Naimal Khawar stole the show by wearing her mother's altered bridal outfit - another prevalent trend with the brides these days. She made an appearance on her Nikah in one of the softest bridal makeup looks ever! Underneath barely-there foundation, one can see a natural flushed rosy glow on her cheeks, complemented by a delicate rose stained lip, which is an excellent option for brides not wanting a solid lip colour. But again, brides need to remember that they need to work on their skin beforehand and make sure it's in a top-notch state for such a minimalist look to work. Also, to pull off a minimal stained lip, it is important to have soft, moist lips as a simple stain on dry and chapped lips would only enhance the dryness and would be counter-productive. So please, girls, listen to the advice of drinking plenty of water, however cliche it may sound- and regularly use lip scrubs (to get rid of any dead skin) and use a good lip balm morning and eve. 


Ultimate Guide to Indian & Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends

Timeless Vintage Liner

One thing that never seems to go out of style for desi brides is the old Bollywood style vintage winged eyeliner. Beauty icons from Meena Kumari and Sharmila Tagore through to Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone - all have proudly sported this look over the years. Pakistani supermodel Iman Ali went for her trademark classic Ather Shehzad makeup look on her big day with a heavier base, on-point contour, thick vintage style liner and a matte berry pink lip! It is important to note that the model Iman Ali doesn't have the clearest of skins, and it made perfect sense for her to go for a heavier base to hide the acne and scarring and look flawless on her big day! 

Guide to Indian & Pakistani Bridal Makeup Trends Iman Ali wedding makeup


Sultry Eyes

A sultry and smokey eye is another timeless classic look that looks flattering on South Asian skin tones any day and anytime. If you like the smoke but don't want too much drama on your wedding day, then steer away from iridescent shades and go for deeper and earthy tones. Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan looks ravishing flaunting this sultry bridal look.



Despite the trends, natural makeup look is not for everyone! Many girls prefer the more glamorous look on their big day, and that is perfectly fine. There are no rights and wrongs in makeup. While trends are there to inspire you, the final decision should be based on your heart's desires and what you can pull off easily. 

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