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When Lehenga meets Urban Fashion: How to Reuse your Bridal Lehenga & Jewellery

how to reuse asian indian pakistani bridal lehenga and jewellery set

Let's face it...Asian Bridal Lehengas and Jewellery don't come cheap. When you spend an insane amount of money on something which is later going to sit in a box or a closet forever, the idea of spending so much seems rather extravagant. Yet all Asian brides do it anyway!

I have seen countless brides spending thousands of pounds on outfits and accessories that they only plan to wear once. Some decide to reuse the whole thing while attending a close family member's wedding. Although there is nothing wrong with re-wearing your bridal outfit & Jewellery, personally, I don't think it looks tasteful if you wear the whole shebang to another person's wedding - let's not try to upstage the bride! The best thing to do is break the outfit and accessories down and wear one item at a time, ideally paired with more western-style items to keep the trendy fusion game strong!

I decided to team up with the Top Asian Bridal Stylist & ex Editor of the Asiana Wedding Magazine, Anisha Vasani, to give our lovely brides a few styling tips and trendy inspiration to reuse bridal Lehenga and Jewellery in a more creative and fun way! We promise that these contemporary styling tips will provide your Lehenga and Jewellery with a new life.

We picked two statement reception outfits for this style blog - a silver-tone lehenga and a black saree, both uber-trendy pieces in their own right - and two bridal Jewellery sets from BiBi London. We decided to style them in unconventional ways, surely, outside the box.


Pair it up with an unconventional Top

how to reuse bridal lehenga


Here is your chance to shine if you could not experiment as much as you wanted to during the wedding. Pair your Lehenga with a crop top, a bodice or a one-shoulder asymmetrical top by The Naked Laundry just like we did. Trendy sunnies and a cute bag would simply add to the look! Or ditch the sunnies, add a classic black blazer, and walk out in style with a vintage handbag... Voila!


how to reuse bridal lehenga


Wearing a top with a Lehenga instantly makes the outfit look casual and trendy. A simple hack here is to get a white or a black top as it goes well with every pattern, colour and fabric. This style would work just as well with your traditional red Lehenga too.


Break the rules with Knee Boots & Saree 

how to reuse asian indian bridal lehenga


how to reuse asian indian bridal lehenga


This modern and sexy styling is not for the faint-hearted, but if you are a fashionista who likes to experiment with her looks, this is the perfect east meets west fusion. We took a full-on heavy bridal Jewellery set (which is usually intended to be worn with a rich traditional Lehenga) and paired it up with our sultry black saree and knee-high black boots - the results are simply red carpet worthy! 


Be creative with the Jewellery!

how to reuse asian indian bridal lehenga


We took another full-on pink & silver bridal jewellery set for this look and paired it up with our black saree but only to spice things up a bit this time by adding a stunning pink cami petal crop top by The Naked Laundry

Mix and match the blouse

Lastly, we took our black saree to the next level by draping the pallu in a usual way, so it looked more like a scarf. We swapped the original saree blouse with a frill crop top again by The Naked Laundry and some insane gold statement Jewellery, all by Trendyz. Black sunnies, gold Jimmy Choose and a statement bag nicely finished off this more wearable of all the looks. 


how to re use indian bridal lehenga lehnga 

We had so much fun styling these pieces and hope you enjoyed this blog, and if you did, please share it with friends and family. 


Lots of Love





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